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Cicero Discovery™

Cicero, Inc.

This product is compatible with

  • XenApp 6.5 64-bit

Product Details

Cicero Discovery™ is used to collect any activity and track business objects across time and across multiple users as well as support big data initiatives by capturing the customer journey at various touch points within an organization.


Desktop activity intelligence software that enables to monitor people, processes, and technology and identify areas for improvement.


  • System Monitor - A diagnostics tool that is activated when the health of a computer has come into question. This could include slow performance, memory issues, lock-ups, blue screens, or other issues.
  • Session Monitor - Collects the session-wide events that happen with a user from when they log on to log off.
  • Activity Monitor - Collects information about the applications and windows that a user works with, the web pages they visit, when data is copied, printed, and more.
  • Business Data Monitor - Capture data from screens based on configured triggers.
  • Business Process Monitor - Track the complete lifecycle of virtually any business object (an account, claim, product, etc.) through several or all processes that touch the object across users, systems, and time.
  • Lite server - Ability to run without back-end database
  • Data Subscription Service (CDSS) - Provides real-time access to data gathered by Cicero Discovery to third-party applications supporting multiple business requirements. CDSS is accessible via a standards-based Web Services interface and also via a .NET API. The data can be used to support various applications including workforce, workflow, compliance and other management tools. The CDSS data is encrypted and compressed to minimize network traffic and to ensure complete data security when used with SaaS solutions. CDSS is available on either desktop or server.
  • Reporting - Design and deploy web-based reports on the data collected using Cicero Discovery. The add-on includes a configurable dashboard, a set of pre-defined report templates, and tools to create customized reports.


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The product is available for worldwide use through Cicero.

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