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This product is compatible with

  • XenApp 6.0 64-bit

Product Details

The SignDoc product family provides applications to electronic documents in PDF and TIFF format with an electronic signature captured on devices like pen tablets, SignPads, Tablet PCs and mobile devices.

The products cover all aspect of handling the corresponding document related workflows.


Sign PDF- and TIFF-documents with an electronic signature and provide the signed document in a secure manner. Banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies, retail business – they all rely on SOFTPRO’s SignDoc technology.  


  • Display PDF and TIFF documents and sign these documents with a handwritten electronic signature.
  • Convert all printable document formats into PDF using the document converter that comes with SignDoc Desktop
  • Embed attachments and notes, scan documents like ID-documents and attach these documents to provided all mandatory documents like ID-documents
  • Use third-party digital certificates as an additional layer of trust
  • Supports a wide variety
  • Standards like ISO 32000-1 for signing electronic documents supported, trustworthiness and security TUEV-certified
  • Handle documents signed with other SOFTPRO products like SignDoc Web and SignDoc Mobile and provide input for other products
  • Based on SOFTPRO’s SignWare- and SignDoc SDKs offering an even tighter integration with existing applications. SDKs available for Windows, Linux and also for mobile platforms, like iOS, Android


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