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24U SimpleTalk

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Compatible with

  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1808
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1811
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1903
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1906
  • XenDesktop 7.18


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)

Product Details

SimpleTalk allows FileMaker to use the TCP/IP protocol for communicating with other TCP/IP capable applications

  • Communicate through TCP/IP
  • Act as a server/client
  • Connect via Telnet

Communicate through TCP/IP

SimpleTalk enables your FileMaker Pro to communicate with other applications or devices through the TCP/IP protocol. It connects any TCP/IP capable applications, such as those created with Real Basic or Runtime Revolution.
Interface your solutions with anything you want, simple apps, other solutions or even produciton lines.

Act as a Server/Client

With SimpleTalk, you can make your FileMaker Pro to act like a server or a client. The server waits for a TCP/IP connection, and then performs custom commands or calculations sent from the client.
Setup unique FileMaker solutions capable of working when contacted by other FileMakers through our plug-in.

Connect via TELNET

SimpleTalk allows you or your customers to connect to your solutions via Telnet, a protocol through which you can communicate via a terminal.
Let your solutions work wherever you are, making them available to work even when you or your customers aren’t next to the computer the solutions are running on.