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Voice Tracker II Array Microphone

Acoustic Magic, Inc. | Website | Email
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Compatible with

  • XenApp 7.11

Product Details

The Voice Tracker™ II automatically and electronically steers a listening beam towards the active talker. This enables pickup over an entire room. This 20 foot pickup range Is accomplished in two ways. First, sensitivity was increased compared to conventional microphones by constructively adding the output of six separate, always on microphone elements. Second, spatial filtering and background noise reduction are used to eliminate sound from all areas in the room except that space around the active talker, so the increased sensitivity is not corrupted by noise.

The Voice Tracker™ II also incorporates embedded acoustic echo cancellation, which eliminates annoying echo at the far end.

The Voice Tracker™ II is powered by USB and has a USB as well as analog audio output.


  • Automatic electronic steering of "listening beam" to talker location
  • Two stage noise reduction (spatial filtering and noise reduction processing)
  • Built in High Quality Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
  • 6 element, 10 inch long mic array for long range
  • Mute Mode
  • 5 element "in range" light to indicate location of chosen talker and sufficiency of signal
  • Talker location signal thru DB 9 jack (cable optional)
  • Compatible with a variety of operating systems including:
  • Apple/Macintosh : Mac OS, Mac OS X
  • Microsoft : Windows 3.x, Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows NT, Windows 2000,Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Linux