ACP IT Solutions AG

ACP IT Solutions AG is a vendor-independent consulting solutions and service companies . ACP IT Solutions AG understands information technology as an integral part of a value chain, the immediate impact on earnings, competitiveness and innovativeness.

Therefore, decisions regarding the information technology for enterprise are always initiated by the strategy. The aim of IT is always processes to support and optimize resources to better use, potential to uncover and quality to improve. To make optimal use of expertise for the customers, ACP IT understands exactly the requirements. ACP IT achieves this by analyzing the existing IT environment and show technologically and economically viable alternatives. Then they implement or operate for their customers tailor-made IT solutions.

As a vendor-neutral IT Navigator ACP IT monitors the market and shows the benefits of new developments from both a technological and economical point. ACP IT is available nationwide and combines the flexibility and speed of a mid-sized company with the professionalism.

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