ActionPlanner is a web-based Execution Excellence solution for teams to efficiently track and execute goals, strategies and actions.

Most companies create business objectives, goals and plans but fail in execution. Unlike out-dated slides decks, ActionPlanner offers digital interactive business roadmaps with reminders and alerts that drive frequent feedback loops in all layers of the organization. Since everybody is using the same tool Execution becomes a dynamic interactive process where transparency drives agile collaboration across silos and clear delegation drives employee commitment, empowerment and accountability.

Managers can cascade goals top-down and easily delegate initiatives with specific milestones and deliverables. Employees can also create initiatives bottom-up to visualize workload, discuss priorities and continuously align expectations. Then employees are nudged to deliver structured traffic light feedback with comments and operational metrics, which is aggregated into status overviews in real time, prior to follow-up meetings. Management can now direct attention to where it is most needed in one-to-one meetings and teams can insure progress at team meetings by spending time sharing best practices and finding creative solutions to overcome identified challenges rather than talking status. ActionPlanner simply takes out the traditional pains in execution, raises the organization’s performance and makes follow-up a breeze.

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