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3A Editor


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Product Details

The 3A product line for land management from AED-SICAD completes its proven portfolio for cadastral and topographical applications. It comprises all components from data collection and qualification to data management and viewing. Thoroughly optimized applications complement each other and can be combined to a completely uniform “look-and-feel”.

All 3A components are developed on open technologies, so that, based on the cadastral or topographical data, all GIS related topics of governmental or private organizations (city councils, land reallocation authorities, public works, utilities etc.) can be embedded as complementary procedures. The data model can be flexibly enhanced and configured externally. Based on the ArcGIS® technology, all modern resources of object relational data storage are used, independent from database vendors. The 3A product family offers comprehensive functionality - tailored for cadastral and topographical authorities.

3A Editor

With this edit component, the customer receives a comprehensive product package, for all tasks regarding collection and quality check of geodata. In addition to the numerous import and export functions (GML, DXF, DWG, TIFF, Shape, etc.), the package provides a complete cadastral and topographical data editor, as well as surveying calculation functions and comprehensive routines for the quality check of the captured data.

A central and customizable workflow management system supports and guides the user in his specific tasks. Single work steps and their results are stored homogeneously and can be re-accessed and continued. Each workplace can be optionally completed by further extensions, e.g. enhanced survey calculations, property data editor, control point data editor, as well as a topographic-cartographic component for smaller scales.


The 3A editor includes all the functions, the institution and professional qualification of the AFIS ®-ALKIS ®-ATKIS ® data are required to.

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