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BAAR (Business Automation AI and Robotics)

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Compatible with

  • Citrix Virtual Apps 1808
  • Citrix Virtual Apps 1811
  • Citrix Virtual Apps 1903
  • Citrix Virtual Apps 1906
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1808
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1811
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1903
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1906
  • XenApp 7.15 LTSR
  • XenApp 7.18
  • XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR
  • XenDesktop 7.18


  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service (XenApp & XenDesktop service)
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

BAAR is an AI platform that has intelligence due to machine learning. It lets you set up a Digital Employee (Robot) to perform tasks a human would have done.

BAAR has a simple drag and drop user interface, that allows the creation of Robots that will perform your tasks for you. These tasks include and are not limited to, Accessing software applications, reading and writing to screens, accessing databases, setting up API's for legacy applications, reading from Microfot Office documents as well as PDF's. reading emails and a lot more.

An example of some use cases for automation is as follows:

Purchase Order Management: BAAR will monitor an email inbox where PO's are sent by customers. BAAR extracts the PO, reads the contents, find if a similar version of the PO has been received in the past and if so, what the differences. BAAR will then do the following:

  • Save the PO to specific customer folders on SharePoint of any other folder
    Access SAP (Web or over Citrix) and enter the details of the PO into SAP
  • Invoice Management:

Here, BAAR will manage an inbox where customers will send invoices. BAAR will validate each invoice for accuracy against the Purchase Order as well as the Good's received in any ERP and will accordingly follow the AP process in your organization.

The benefits of automation using Robots built by BAAR are:

Reduced costs:
By automating tasks, cost savings of nearly 30% can be achieved over the output of productivity. Software robots also cost less than a full-time employee.

Better customer experience:
Deploying RPA frees up your high-value resources for them to be put back on the front line defining your customer success

Lower operational risk:
By eliminating human errors such as tiredness or lack of knowledge, RPA reduces the rate of errors thereby providing a lower level of operational risk.

Improved internal processes:
In order to leverage AI and RPA, companies are forced to define clear governance procedures. This in turn, allows for faster internal reporting, on-boarding and other internal activities.

Does not replace existing IT systems:
One of the biggest advantages of using a virtual workforce, or an RPA bot is that it does not require you to replace your existing systems. Instead, RPA can leverage your existing systems, the same way a human employee can.