Aman Computers Ltd.

Aman Group is an Israeli IT company, provides IT solutions in a range of fields:  data integration, virtualization, data security and cyber , software development, knowledge management, and more Aman is the Israeli distributor (most exclusively) of international vendors including: Citrix, Palo Alto Networks, Good Technology, Informatica, and others.

Established in 1972, Aman is one of Israels IT consulting and solution providing industry and is also active internationally. Aman employs over 1000 dedicated professionals in a wide range of areas including, IT infrastructures, applications and outsourcing.

Aman specializes in providing specific advanced solutions in the fields of data integration, virtualization and networking, Information & cyber security, command and control, software development, knowledge management, UX, and more.

Aman Group has the expertise to deliver integrative, quality, system-wide solutions based on extensive professionalism, profound experience and superior service record, to ensure that customers enjoy and benefit from their full and long-term cooperation and partnership.

Aman headquarters are located in Israel and subsidiaries in Eastern Europe.

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