Ambir Technology, Inc.

In 2001, Ambir Technology began with one scanner and a desire to provide an efficient digital imaging available. More than a decade later, Ambirs product line has grown, but their mission to provide better digital solutions has stayed the same. Ambir has remained committed to delivering a high-quality imaging hardware and software, backed by technical and sales support.

Ambir Technology offers a variety of products and services that promote image capture efficiency and increase document management productivity. Ambirs sheetfed scanners capture IDs and insurance cards at the point of admissions and make digital copies of insurance applications or patient forms in seconds, while their ADF scanners quickly capture piles of paper for use in many EMRs and electronic document management systems, and Ambirs electronic signature solutions capture authentication and forms at the source.

And it goes beyond great products; when customers choose Ambir, they get more than a dependable scanner or application. They get a complete solution to their imaging needs. Ambirs products come bundled with warranty that includes limited parts & labor coverage and comprehensive U.S.-based phone & online chat support.

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