Anunta Technology Management Services Ltd.

Anunta Technology Management Services is an IT service company with a specialized focus on Application Delivery as a Service.

Anunta believes that developments like proliferation of end-point devices, an increasingly mobile workforce, and the maturation of new cloud-based technologies will dramatically change Application Delivery architectures in the coming years. To address these new opportunities, Anunta has developed a unique offering called 'Application Delivery as a Service' (ADaaS) on its own proprietary platform. This solution has proven business and IT benefits that are working for a number of companies around the world.

Prior to Anunta's formation, all the key members worked together at Firstsource Solutions, a global provider of back office business services. While there, Anunta's team realised that delivering applications reliably to a distributed workforce and meeting revenue and productivity demands was a challenge. An internal initiative showed that as much as 33% revenue generation opportunity was lost due to application functionality problems. This insight led to years of investment in building expertise around the designing and managing of the application delivery chain. The goal was to maximize productivity in scenarios where other variables like choice of application, capacity planning etc. were managed by various partners and not necessarily under Anunta's control.

In 2006, virtualisation technologies, while still in its nascent stage, offered a new direction. Anunta's team began a rigourous evaluation of its ability to streamline and control application delivery to give predictable, deterministic outcomes. All virtualisation technologies were examined. Through this, the team developed a deep understanding of the capabilities of each provider. The Anunta Operations team has over a dozen years of experience in designing and managing application delivery architecture for the service factories of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

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