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QDA solutions provide the speed, accuracy and integration to fuel winning strategies, drive growth and increase profitability.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 7.8
  • XenDesktop 7.8


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

ASI DATAMYTE’s QDA solutions provide the speed, accuracy and integration to fuel winning strategies, drive growth and increase profitability.  All modules are designed to interoperate with industry standard SQL and Oracle databases wherever logical, support common communications interfaces and protocols, and enable connectivity to a very broad spectrum of gauging, metrology, test and measurement devices.

The Power of Integration QDA modules are designed to attack quality and assembly objectives head on as powerful stand-alone solutions or to interact and interoperate with each other to deliver unparalleled synergies to manufacturing operations and company‐wide quality initiatives.

They integrate with ERP or MES systems such as SAP on different levels ‐ from simple file, xml or database data exchange to embedded ERP or MES sub systems. This leads to powerful flow and ultimately control of information in the manufacturing environment. We have hands‐on experience with Psi Penta, Infor XA, Navision, SAP R3, BAAN, UB‐Soft, Fauser, Coscom, TBS Prosi, ActivPlant and wide variety of other systems.

QDA Solutions

The Body Shop Management Solution improves first time quality and drives down costs by bringing inspection technologies to the assembly line. It aggregates and integrates data from a broad spectrum of joining devices and systems, drives focused analysis and generates clear actionable reports.

The CMM Integration Solution captures all master and measurement data automatically from all your metrology systems and integrates it onto one common software platform. The result is standardized and automated analysis and reporting, tremendous cost savings and better utilization of your internal resources.

The Complaint Management Solution keeps complaints under control with automated workflows and integrated data from other relevant areas. It pulls in ISO standards and FDA mandates, ties in CIP and CAPAs and rolls the consolidated and analyzed findings into intuitive focused report and decisive actions.

The Document Management Solution is an automated document management system that creates competitive advantage through integration. It facilitates accurate and efficient traceability and keeps you in compliance with relevant standards and enables free access to released documents through web portal.

The Gage and Tool Management Solution improves cost control and ensures measurement, tool and process traceability through automated calibration and workflows. It integrates with other ASI DATAMYTE quality software and solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

The Integrated Quality Planning Solution is an automated system that drives process‐based quality and continuous improvement through accurate data capture and efficient information reuse. It supports APQP documentation including production Parts Approval Process (PPAP), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Control Plans, Measurement Systems Analysis and much more.

The Laboratory Information Management Systems Solution reduces paperwork, errors and uncertainty and optimizes laboratory workflow, from data collection to the certificate of analysis. It integrates manufacturing operations with other business areas and generates cost savings through automation and better utilization of resources.

The Management and KPI Reporting Solution facilitates achievement of time‐to‐market, cost and revenue objectives by consolidating quality data acquired from disparate manufacturing devices and systems into useable business metrics.

The Power Tool Management Solution improves first time quality by capturing data from just about any type of production power tool, using error‐proof methods. It brings quality to assembly, generating cost savings and ensuring traceability and compliance.

The SPC Solution ensures validation, compliance and traceability and increases profitability by tightening tolerances, ensuring error‐proof data collection and driving in‐control processes to ever higher performance levels.

The Supply Chain Management Solution extends your quality standards to your suppliers, integrates incoming and receiving inspection, auditing, corrective action and complaint management. It ensures compliance with ISO/TS, VDA and QS 9000 standards and allows for proactive supplier grading.

The Traceability and Lifecycle Management Solution drives focused management decision making by integrating quality data and analyses from all angles. Traceability backed up with solid data improves first time quality, reduces defects, rework and warranty claims.

The Many Benefits of ASI DATAMYTE’s QDA:

  •    Maximizes profits
  •    Enterprise wide automated data import and reporting
  •   Integrates production
  •   Interoperates with ERP
  •   Keeps processes under control
  •   Full product data traceability
  •   Error-proofs
  •   Reduces costs
  •   Proactive problem resolution
  •   Accelerates efficiency
  •   Enables standard documentation and compliance requirements
  •   Generates easy to use and read statistical analyses, certificates, metrics, action item lists, reports

Integrated QDA solutions empower goal attainment all along the value