AsiaInfo Security

AsiaInfo Security provides technology in cloud and large data in China. With the national network security strategy put forward, information security has become the focus of attention. AsiaInfo started its security business in 2000 and acquired independent security software provider in 2015 - Trend Micro China's business and team, with more than 100 international products, patents and source code, set up "AsiaInfo Security". So as to promote the implementation of independent controllable strategy for the country to provide network and cloud and large data industry security, to provide users with industrial Internet security technology and solutions for the full coverage.

AsiaInfo believes that with the network power strategy, Internet + action plan, big data strategy, "China made 2025" and other strategies, network security risks and threats also entered the relationship between the people's livelihood areas, APT attacks, Information theft, data leakage and other events have occurred, network data security and user information protection situation is becoming increasingly serious. Therefore, at the crossroads of this era, C3, Cyber, Cloud, and Communication will form the future network security direction, symbolizing the "three-dimensional, Control, visual "security of the new mechanism.

At present, AsiaInfo security in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin and other cities with branches in Beijing, China and Nanjing with R & D center, with more than 2,000 professional security team. 2016 began to build AsiaInfo Network Security Industry Technology Research Institute (AsiaInfo Production and Research Institute), including cloud security, large data security, industrial Internet security, cyberspace security city four laboratories, and network security technology transfer and transformation fund. The research institute adopts the cooperation mechanism of open production and research, and carries out joint technical research and personnel training. At present, it has built a cyberspace safe city laboratory, which includes situational awareness center, threat investigation and evidence collection center, attack and defense laboratory.

AsiaInfo has a number of security areas of independent intellectual property software and solutions in the network security, cloud security, terminal and mobile security, APT defense, identity and access management, large data security, security operations and auditing, security management services Has technology.

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