Attachmate Corporation

Attachmate (now part of Micro Focus) has been a Citrix Technology Alliance Partner for more than a decade. Optimized to run on Citrix Virtual Apps, formerly XenApp, Attachmate terminal emulation products (Reflection, Extra, and InfoConnect) provide secure connections to applications running on IBM, HP, UNIX, Unisys, OpenVMS, Tandem (HP NonStop), and CRS/GDS (reservation systems) hosts.

Together, Attachmate terminal emulators and Citrix Virtual Apps provide these benefits:

  • Centralized installation and management of host-access software.
  • On-demand access and secure connections as users move from location to location, workstation to workstation, and device to device.
  • The flexibility of allowing you to interact with host systems on any device, from any location, in any way you choose.

Attachmate Corporation is now part of Micro Focus International. Micro Focus has been developing IT solutions that support emerging technologies for nearly 30 years. As your business continues to evolve, Micro Focus is committed to building solutions that maximize your IT investments and allow your IT organization to be as flexible as possible. Micro Focus bridges the old and the new enabling you to take advantage of latest industry innovation and leverage prior investments.

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