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Autodesk® Inventor® 2015

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Inventor 3D CAD software offers an easy-to-use set of tools for 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 7.0
  • XenApp 7.1
  • XenApp 7.5
  • XenApp 7.6
  • XenDesktop 7.0
  • XenDesktop 7.1
  • XenDesktop 7.5
  • XenDesktop 7.6


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

Autodesk® Inventor® software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, takes engineers beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping by giving them a comprehensive set of tools for 3D mechanical design that enables them to design, visualize, and simulate products before they are ever built. Digital Prototyping with Inventor helps companies design better products, reduce development costs, and get to market faster.


Engineering design productivity

  • Freeform modeling shape creation
  • Sketch constraint control
  • Customizable Inventor Home
  • Tutorial learning and search
  • Sheet metal design
  • Assembly design and ease of assembly
  • Layout and system design
  • Plastic part design
  • Rules-based design
  • Harness and cable design
  • Tube and pipe design
  • Flexible sketching tools
  • Customize Inventor with apps
  • Tooling and mold design

CAD file conversion & compatibility

  • Edit geometry directly
  • BIM compatibility
  • CAD file conversion and data exchange
  • AutoCAD integration and DWG compatibility
  • Extend value with Maintenance Subscription

CAD rendering & design documentation

  • Manufacturing and design documentation
  • Data management
  • CAD rendering and visualization tools

Integrated CAD simulation

  • Integrated motion simulation
  • Ease of use: Inventor simulation
  • Integrated finite element analysis
  • Sustainable design