Launched in 2015, Avanite provides software to anyone that is serious about a great quality end-user experience for computing and virtualization. Our WebData Control solution manages the security risk associated with corporate browsers, dramatically reduces IT support, running and storages costs and delivers a better user experience with faster logon times.

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Product Details

With web-based applications and internet browsing being the norm today, the data generated by modern web browsers is increasingly causing system administrators issues. As ever, system administrators want to provide better controls, more security and minimize costs, whilst end users expect a great user experience, a fast logon and the same consistent experience in every session and on each machine, they use.

WebData Control provides a set of tools to assist with tackling these challenges in the form of three main features:

  • WebData Management
  • Browser Redirector
  • Favorites Synchronization

WebData Management has been designed to allow for the granular management of this browser generated data to sanitize and optimize it based on the needs of the IT department, facilitating the ability to provide end users a great user experience.

Favorites Synchronization enables users who use multiple browsers to synchronize all their favorites across all browsers which can become error-prone and increases productivity with the required/preferred browser being launched every time.

Browser Redirector allows administrators to define rules to govern which browser is used to access web resources based on a URL and to customise browser usage and selection.

WebData Control in an enterprise setting is proven to dynamically change the way administrators manage the web browser.