Beijing Qianxin Technology Co. Ltd.

360 Enterprise Security, founded in 2012, 360 companies following the personal security market organizations committed to serving the government network security and information security management line of business security products. Beijing Qianxin Technology Co. Ltd. is into Internet security, security in the terminal 360 with PC, mobile terminal security, desktop security management, big data analytics, deep accumulation of cloud security and other aspects, the successful launch of endpoint security and management integration of various industries urgently needed, unknown advanced threat detection, the mobile terminal security management, security analysis of large data such as a number of innovative enterprise security products by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Land Resources, the central Party School, the Xinhua News Agency, the State administration of Taxation, State grid, people's Bank of China, China construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shenhua Group, Sinopec, CNPC, China Electric power construction Group and many other government agencies and more than one million enterprise customers the support and trust.

360 enterprise security products and services enhance network security management reduce operational costs, against advanced threats from around the world. 360 enterprise security has security service standards and emergency response capabilities help business users of Industry era 4.0.

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