Brick Bridge Consulting, LLC

Brick Bridge Consulting is Citrix Solutions Advisor and Citrix Ready partner that specializes in Citrix product implementations for both Public and Private sectors, internationally. We are a non-traditional partner in that we specialize in software development rather than traditional IT services (though we do offer those products). We are also 3x Winners of the Citrix Converge Hackathons based on our novel use cases, consumer-style business integrations, and proprietary innovations in the Citrix Workspace with Intelligence and Citrix Podio product lines.

As a CSA we have experience in Citrix’s SaaS offerings such as Podio, Workspace with Intelligence, Sharefile/RightSignature, and Wrike. We provide services for custom API Integrations, ProcFu/Zapier/Integromat configurations, AWS & Microsoft Azure clouds, and desktop & application virtualization. Brick Bridge also provides technology, strategy, organizational, and consulting.

Our Citrix Ready offerings are drawn from the most requested integrations from our Citrix Converge hackathon entries and our very best internal innovations. We take custom requests from new and existing Citrix clients as well as those interested in bringing their products into the Citrix ecosystem.

End-users and software developers can also take advantage of our podcast where we cover the latest in Citrix SaaS platforms, associated virtualization products, and interesting integrations. We cover these topics in a variety of manners with both technical and business conversations with the talent of Brick Bridge and our industry friends.

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