CACI offers a range of marketing solutions and information systems to a wide range of industries across both private and public sectors.

CACI's marketing solutions are based on both an in-depth understanding of individual consumer behaviour, as well as expertise on how geographical locations (towns, shopping centres, individual stores) influence the way consumers buy products and services.

CACI offers a combination of data, software and consultancy. Data products include a range of individual, household and postcode level consumer classifications, for example Acorn, as well as information on income, house prices, Internet usage and more.

CACI's IT solutions business provides systems integration, software applications and consultancy services to organisations from across the public and private sector. From data integration, web reporting and activity based costing to mobile working, telecom operational support systems, online transactional solutions, and case management systems, CACI helps clients to understand their business, manage performance and deliver value for money services to their customers.

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