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10ZiG 4448c
The 4448c Zero Client is 10ZiG's entry level Intel Dual Core Citrix Zero Client, optimized for Citrix XendDesktop HDX environments. Offering a quality user experience for those in a published applications or VDI environment.
By: 10ZiG Technology
10ZiG 5817v
The 10ZiG 5817v is a high performing, dual core WES7 Thin Client. Providing the perfect blend of form factor, performance, and functionality. Full support for Citrix HDX
By: 10ZiG Technology
10ZiG 5818v
10ZiG's 5818v Citrix Certified Thin Client runs Windows Embedded 8 and provides users with a complete VDI experience. The Intel Dual Core 1.86GHz processor among other features including dual monitor support standard and a revolutionary design, the 5818v Citrix Thin Client from 10ZiG is for advanced task workers to those in need of demanding applications.
By: 10ZiG Technology
10ZiG 5848qc
10ZiG’s 5848qc Intel 2.0GHz Quad Core Citrix Zero Client is designed to deliver graphic intensive Full HD, CAD and 3D applications along with content rich browsing by harnessing the power of Citrix’s HDX, HDX Premium and HDX 3D Pro Technology. Supporting HDX Multimedia and Flash Redirection and NVIDIA GRID, this is the perfect endpoint for your Citrix environment.
By: 10ZiG Technology
10ZiG 5872v
The 10ZiG 5872v is a high performance Linux Thin Client for the most demanding users and is sure to meet the needs of both the present and future. 10ZiG 5872v - Ultra slim form factor, Linux Thin Client for Desktop Virtualization. Highly flexible, secure and reliable.
By: 10ZiG Technology
The 5817q Thin Client are well suited for every user type from advanced, to task worker, to the most hostile manufacturing environment.
By: 10ZiG Technology
A100T is a Linux based thin client device built into 21.5” LCD display monitor.
By: NuvoOne Inc.
ARM® Thinclient 3.0vw
A great value from, the ARM® Thinclient 3.0vw sets the new standard for mid range-level thin clients.
By: Soluciones Informáticas Argentinas S.A.
Connecting the CDX10 Zero Client Box to any normal monitor turns it into a zero client monitor for seamless integration with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enviroments
ASUS Chromebit CS10
ASUS Chromebit CS10 measures just 12cm long and is a small Chrome OS device. Turning your large monitor or TV into a computer running the latest Chrome OS is easy – simply plug Chromebit CS10 into the HDMI port and pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Chromebit CS10 gives you all the computing essentials so you can conduct online research, catch up with friends, or watch Full HD movies on the big screen. You can even use it for business applications or digital signage and self-serve kiosks. Explore the possibilities with ASUS Chromebit CS10 – the minimalist and cost-effective computer for your home or business, you can even take it with you on the road.
ASUS Chromebook C301SA
The sleek and light Chromebook C301 is designed to go everywhere you want to go. Weighing just 1.35kg, it won't cramp your mobile lifestyle, and its stylish looks will make you the center of attention. It's unique spun-metal finish adorns the lid, with a tough and durable metal finish adorning the rest of the chassis. To add a touch of your own personality, with Chromebook C301 you can have the gorgeously smooth and tactile Glacier Gray.
ASUS Chromebook Flip C100PA
The stylish Chromebook Flip C100 combines a 360-degree flippable design with the power of Chrome OS. It’s a laptop. It’s a tablet. It’s anything you wish. And Flip C100 is not only beautiful, it’s amazingly practical and durable, designed to withstand all the rigors of day-to-day life on the go.
ASUS Chromebox
Mini Chrome OS computer
ASUS Chromebox CN62
The new ASUS Chromebox CN62 is the latest innovation designed to enhance your digital life. Easy to set up right out-of-the-box, Chromebox starts up in seconds to get you to your favorite websites and apps instantly. It automatically keeps itself up-to-date, so you‘ll always have the latest virus protection, along with the latest features. And it won't slow down over time. ASUS Chromebox CN62 is powered by the latest 5th-generation Intel processors, and has enough power to give you fast multi-tasking performance. It offers dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, along with extensive connectivity options that let you connect Chromebox to multiple displays at once; you can even VESA-mount it on the back of your monitor or HDTV.
ASUS F3Sc is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
Equipped with the latest Intel® Core™ processor family, the ASUS K52F delivers a mobile multitasking performance in its class.
Entertainment Revolution - Bring the M50Vn and enjoy all the digital solutions anytime, anywhere.
ASUS Thin Client EB1036
EB1036 is a 1 Liter-sized PC with optimized power efficiency and enhanced productivity.
ASUS Thin Client EB1037
EB1037 is a 1 Liter-sized PC with optimized power efficiency and enhanced productivity.
U43F by Asus has an Intel Core i5 450M / 2.26 GHz processor.
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