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Printing Solutions

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Celiveo 8.0
Secure and easy printing solution for XenDesktop: one single Celiveo print queue on the desktop is enough to access all printers throughout the company, without needing any server or requiring any reconfiguration.
By: Celiveo
Fasoo ePrint
Fasoo ePrint - Reinforce print security and help reduce unnecessary costs. Fasoo ePrint provides you with a safe and efficient printing environment.
By:, Inc.
Print Audit 6
Print Audit lets organizations significantly reduce costs by holding users or employees accountable for every document that they produce.
By: Print Audit
Print Chaser
Print Chaser tracks printouts using watermarking and log management. Furthermore, printing of documents containing personal information is blocked to prevent personal data leakage through printouts.
By: wowsoft Inc.
PrinterOn PrintWhere
PrinterOn PrintWhere enables Citrix users to print from iPads, Android tablets and other devices to any enterprise print location, on any network.
By: PrinterOn
ScrewDrivers v6
ScrewDrivers provides a unique, driver-free printing platform for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments. Clients simply connect over HDX/ICA virtual channels and build all local client and network printers on the hosted app or desktop.
By: Tricerat Inc.
Simplify Printing v6
Simplify Printing® is an enterprise-ready printing solution that enables you to manage all of your printer configurations, eliminate printing issues with our universal printer driver and assign print jobs from one central, easyto- use, drag-and-drop console.
By: Tricerat Inc.
ThinPrint Engine 11
ThinPrint solutions fully manage printing in Citrix environments, enabling you to significantly increase efficiency and flexibility when printing.
By: ThinPrint GmbH
ThinPrint for CloudBridge
ThinPrint for CloudBridge ensures that the complex printing technology follows suit as data and applications are centralized while print outs need to be delivered easily, quickly and reliably to users printers wherever they have access to the Citrix virtual desktop.
By: ThinPrint GmbH
UniPrint Infinity™
UniPrint uses PDF-based universal printer driver technology to provide a comprehensive range of enhanced printing solutions in Citrix environments. The UniPrint Infinity printing software optimizes printing functionality, minimizes printer management, improves print security and reduces bandwidth consumption.
Virtual Session Printer Agent for VPSX®
Virtual Session Printer Agent for VPSX® provides an administrative capability to associate users, printers and terminals in an intelligent manner, and ensures that these definitions are persistent across virtual desktop sessions.
By: Levi Ray & Shoup Inc
ZeePrint, allows to optimize essential function of managing network implemented printer stations.
By: ZeeTim
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