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Centrify DirectAudit

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Centrify DirectAudit allows you to centrally control, secure and audit user access to cross-platform systems and applications.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.0
  • XenApp 6.5


  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

Detailed, real-time auditing of privileged user sessions on Windows, UNIX and Linux systems

Centrify DirectAudits detailed capture of historical user activity establishes accountability and advances compliance reporting by recording which users accessed which systems, what commands they executed, with what privilege, and the exact changes they made to key files and configurations. With DirectAudit, enterprises can report on historical user activity, pinpoint suspicious activity through real-time monitoring, and troubleshoot system failures by replaying actions for root-cause analysis.

Product Features

Detailed Recording and Playback of Privileged User Sessions

Centrify DirectAudits core feature is its ability to capture and collect a detailed record of a privileged user sessions on Windows, UNIX and Linux systems. From a single, central console and session replayer, IT security managers, IT auditors, and IT operations managers can see what happened in a specific session at a high level by viewing a command/event list, or they can replay a video of the entire session to see every action and every system response.

Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Query, Search and Reporting Capabilities

You can use the DirectAudit Consoles out-of-the-box views to see active sessions and historical sessions, or build your own views that show sessions by specific users, machines, time periods, or other criteria. By adopting a non-proprietary SQL data format, DirectAudit enables robust reporting and querying through third-party tools as well.

Real-Time Monitoring with an At-a-Glance View of All Current User Activity

The DirectAudit Auditor Console gives you a centralized, real-time view of every user session on every audited Windows, UNIX and Linux system.


Strengthen Security DirectAudit strengthens security by protecting against internal threats through real-time monitoring that can quickly identify unauthorized actions and capture the complete context for user actions on systems implicated in a security incident.

Mitigate Operational Risk DirectAudit mitigates the risks associated with outsourcing by establishing visibility over all privileged users regardless of location, as well as creating an environment for all IT staff that promotes proper behavior and encourages self-regulation.

Reduce Operational Costs and Increase Efficiency DirectAudits in-depth session recording and playback takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting, and enables automated documentation of vendor procedures, training processes and personnel hand-offs.

Improve Compliance DirectAudit improves compliance through privileged access accountability and visibility over elevated privilege use.