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Cherwell Asset Management

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Cherwell Asset Management is an IT asset management solution that provides maximum visibility and control over the inventory, usage, entitlements, and purchasing data related to your IT assets. Cherwell Asset Management, integrates a broad range of capabilities including PC hardware and software inventory, license management, software usage metering, IT purchase tracking, and application control for Windows, Windows Terminal Server and Citrix environments. Comprehensive IT and executive-level reports provide data needed to stay compliant with license agreements, eliminate spending on unused licenses, manage hardware assets, track and report on IT purchases, and keep unauthorized applications off the network.

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  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

Cherwell Asset Management is a specialized IT asset management solution that tracks and integrates all the data related to your hardware and software inventory, usage, entitlements, and purchases. By consolidating, reconciling, and reporting on all your critical IT asset data, Cherwell Asset Management enables you to track and manage your organization’s IT assets from purchase through retirement using one straightforward, easy-to-use product.

Cherwell Asset Management gives you the tools and information you need to:

  • Stay compliant with license agreements
  • Eliminate spending on unused licenses
  • Manage hardware assets
  • Track and report on IT purchases
  • Keep unauthorized applications off the network

Unlike many software license management products, Cherwell Asset Management works as well in a Citrix environment as it does in a Windows desktop environment, enabling you to collect software usage information at the user and machine level as well as at the server level. In addition to revealing which users and machines are running Citrix applications, it provides the ability to control, through user authorization profiles, which users or machines can run each application. Collecting this information enables you to effectively evaluate and manage your Citrix applications and stay compliant with your license agreements.

Cherwell Asset Management is verified to be compatible with Citrix Virtual Apps, formerly XenApp 6.0 (32 & 64-bit) and later.