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Compatible with

  • XenServer 7.0
  • XenServer 7.1 LTSR
  • XenServer 7.2
  • XenServer 7.3
  • XenServer 7.4
  • XenServer 7.5
  • XenServer 7.6


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

Cisco UCS® E-Series Server brings data center-class blade servers to the branch office. These powerful, small‑form-factor, x86 64-bit blade servers reside in Cisco® branch-office routers: the Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) networking platforms. The blades are virtualization-ready and host essential infrastructure services and mission-critical business applications, all while you maintain a lean branch-office environment.

UCS-E180D-M3/K9 is a doublewide module which occupies two service-module slots side-by-side.

All Cisco UCS E-Series M3 Servers are high-density blade servers with single-socket Intel Xeon-D processors. They balance simplicity, performance, and application density while operating in an energy-efficient environment providing better energy efficiency than preceding models. The servers also include integrated remote lights-out management.

UCS-E180D-M3/K9 provides a better platform for introducing virtualization into the branch office and supporting mission-critical business applications. The innovative, zero-footprint form factor of the Cisco UCS E-Series Servers in conjunction with the lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of the Intel Xeon processor increases business agility and enhances reliability when compared to standalone rack-mount and tower servers.


The Cisco UCS E-Series Servers easily extend the Cisco UCS data center portfolio to branch-office environments. By adding virtualization to the servers, you can deploy new services incrementally on a schedule that best meets your timing and budget. Meanwhile, you avoid service-call costs for onsite visits to deploy new hardware or software.

Cisco UCS E-Series Servers address your changing business needs in the following ways:

  • Reduced operational burden: Through a consolidated, wire-free infrastructure, Cisco UCS E-Series Servers make the addition of new services and infrastructure quick and easy.
  • Simplified system maintenance: Cisco UCS E-Series Servers ease physical server provisioning and system maintenance.
  • Enhanced server management: Built-in lights-out server management through the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (IMC) runs on the same dedicated baseboard management controller hardware found in all Cisco UCS products. This feature provides standalone management consistency with Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers for both local and remote server monitoring and configuration management.
  • Stronger physical security: The blades require no external network cables or physical keyboard, video, or mouse (KVM). They can therefore be easily secured in a wiring closet or other secure location without compromising manageability, a situation that is difficult to achieve with traditional tower and rack-mount servers.
  • Small footprint: Cisco UCS E-Series Servers include multicore x86 64-bit Intel Xeon processors. You can reduce your branch-office server footprint by incorporating high-performance, power-optimized blade servers directly into Cisco 4000 Series ISRs in the branch office. These servers are integrated and housed in a single Cisco ISR chassis, delivering an excellent all-in-one platform for the lean branch office.