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Discover: Find hundreds of third party products compatible with Citrix Products
Verify: Add and verify third party products you are using with Citrix products
Share: Become a top contributor by sharing your knowledge on third party product compatibility with Citrix products


  • Vote for third party products that you know work with Citrix Products and earn points. Become a top contributor in the community and be recognized.
  • Vendors, you can verify your products and market them to potential and existing customers with Citrix environments.
  • Find information on third party products compatible with Citrix products submitted by the community and Citrix employees.
  • Post your third party product questions in the compatibility forums and find answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Citrix Ready Community Verified site?

The Citrix Ready Community Verified site is a vibrant community enabling you to find, add, and verify third party products compatible with Citrix products. The community site is a repository where you can share your knowledge about third party products running in your environment.

What is the difference between the Citrix Ready Xchange and Citrix Ready Community Verified site?

The Citrix Ready designation is awarded to third party products that have successfully met verification criteria set by Citrix. All products featured in Citrix Ready have completed verification testing thereby providing customer confidence in joint solution compatibility. These products are listed and featured in Citrix Ready Xchange.

The Community Verified site is a platform in which third party products are added and verified by community members. Community members are helping each other by posting and voting on third party products known to work in their environment. These products do not get any Citrix Ready program benefits.

What is a definition of a vote?

A vote is an association between a third party product and a combination of Citrix product, version, and platform. The more votes a third party product has, the more community members have verified that it works in their environment. This increases the probability that it will work in your environment.
Note: A platform is not always available for all product versions.

If a third party product is listed on the site with a certain number of votes, does it mean it is supported by Citrix or it is qualified to be a Citrix Ready product?

No. The number of votes simply implies that many community members have that third product running in their Citrix environment successfully. A Citrix Ready product goes through a verification criteria set by Citrix and third party vendor's have to join the Citrix Ready program before getting awarded a Citrix Ready badge.

How do I vote for a third party product?

Sign in with your My Citrix account and visit the third party product page you want to verify. You can register your vote by clicking the "thumbs up" icon. If you do not see the Citrix product you want to verify listed in the compatibility matrix, choose the Citrix product from the dropdown list and add your vote.

How can I add a new third party product to the site?

On the home page, locate the "Find or Add a Product" section and start typing in the third party product name in the text box. If the third party product has not been previously added, you will see an option to add a third party product compatible with a Citrix product.

How do I get support on the third party product?

We have created compatibility forums where customers can discuss third party product with a Citrix product. Community member s can discuss issues and share information with each other.

Is it OK to have a link to my blog or the company web site in the compatibility forum?

Yes, you can post a link to your blog or company website as a signature to your forum posting. Sharing your knowledge with the community will add more credibility.

How do I sign up for the website and start contributing?

The website uses My Citrix credentials for authentication. You can use your existing My Citrix username and password to sign in. If you do not have a My Citrix account , you can sign up for free at http:/

I have a feedback regarding the website. How do I submit a feedback?

You can give feedback on the website by clicking on the feedback link located at the footer of the webpage. We would like to get your comments and suggestions regarding the new features and functionality of the website.