Data Identification Manager

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Data Identification Manager™ by Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. provides full Data Classification, Governance and GDPR Compliance solutions for cloud storage service providers and their clients.

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Product Details

Data Identification Manager™ takes the effort out of classifying your data by applying the same rules, technology, machine learning, and ongoing classification stewardship throughout the organization. This ensures always-accurate, continually relevant data security for your whole IT estate.

Data Identification Manager™ enables the data creator to build, augment, and refine the classification process so they can govern the data they create and communicate its value across the organization.

Data Identification Manager™ is purposefully user-centric to increase adoption and adherence with no training. Users always experience ease-of-use control with minimal interruptions and your-company-specific branding so they engage quickly and make fewer mistakes.

The administration is also simple via an easy-to-understand, centralized control panel that delivers both preset and customizable analytics.

Data Identification Manager™ can deploy in minutes using your existing infrastructure, no special ports or configuration items required. The platform easily integrates with DLP, CASB, SIEM, and cloud solutions to fortify security.




  • Capture Statistics: See a summary of all results from your scan, including unique files and system-generated files that are automatically considered trivial.
  • Gain insight into file duplication: Get the breakdown of how many files have no duplicates, are original files, or how many files are exact duplicate files for better data management.
  • Analyze file breakdown in dashboard reporting: See your files broken down into several ways, including file growth over time, how old the files are, and the size and type of file present.
  • View all sensitive files across your environment: Leverage Data443’s 900+ sophisticated rules taxonomy in 14 languages to identify sensitive content with the ability to select up to five policies at once to identify documents containing PII, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, and many more sensitive data patterns.