CloudPlatform Solutions

Citrix CloudPlatform is an open-source software platform that pools datacenter resources to build public, private and hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds. The nodes or components of a cloud can vary greatly based on the unique workloads or applications that they support. With so many options for servers, hypervisors, storage and networking, enterprises and service providers must design with a specific application in mind to ensure that the infrastructure meets the scalability and reliability requirements of its application. CloudPlatform simplifies this process by abstracting the network, storage and compute nodes that make up a datacenter and enabling them to be delivered as a simple-to-manage, scalable cloud infrastructure.

Citrix CloudPlatform makes it simple to build, manage and deliver highly scalable and efficient private, public and hybrid clouds. The solution’s open, flexible architecture allows enterprises and service providers to leverage the infrastructure technologies of their choice, and makes it simple to add new capabilities to meet evolving business and customer needs.

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