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ControlUp’s management and analytics platform enables Citrix administrators to monitor, troubleshoot, analyze, and directly remediate issues in real-time in their Citrix on-premise, hybrid cloud, and cloud infrastructure using a simple, elegant and comprehensive interface.

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    7.6 LTSR, 7.15 LTSR, 7.18, 1808, 1811, 1903, 1906
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Product Details

ControlUp’s management and analytics platform enable Citrix administrators to monitor, troubleshoot, analyze, and directly remediate issues in real-time in their Citrix on-premise, hybrid cloud, and cloud infrastructure using a simple, elegant and comprehensive interface. With ControlUp, Citrix administrators can quickly spot performance issues across multiple layers – from hypervisors and datastores to Citrix ADC appliances, delivery brokers, VMs, and VDAs, all the way to specific user sessions and processes. ControlUp monitors and troubleshoots all Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops versions, even multiple farms, enabling a streamlined management experience in a non-homogeneous environment.

Excessive logon times, long application launch times, high protocol latency, or bandwidth limitations can all have a dramatically negative impact on Citrix end-user experience, which must be resolved quickly to avoid frustration and lost productivity. ControlUp provides early detection of issues that might impact end-user experience and allows administrators to quickly dig deeper to find the root cause of these issues and fix them.

ControlUp Automation changes the game for Citrix administrators, enabling them to automate script actions that dynamically optimize end users’ experience, maximize computing resources, and reduce troubleshooting time. Using Automation, administrators can also automatically remediate recurring issues to prevent them from happening ever again.

ControlUp Insights provides Citrix administrators with powerful analytics, detailed reporting, and actionable findings packaged in simple-to-use UI. Insights leverage anonymized metadata from thousands of data centers worldwide to enrich reports and dashboards with a comparison to a global dataset, and Instant Interactive Drilldown™ technology enables contextual drill down from one report to the others while preserving the context.


  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate in real-time from a single console
  • Comprehensive UI grids with drill-down capabilities:
  • Folders / Clusters, Hosts, Storage, VMs, Sessions, Processes, Citrix ADCs
  • Set fine-grained incident triggers to get real-time alerts on important incidents utilizing email and mobile notifications, application logs, and integration with enterprise-wide monitoring systems
  • Automatically remediate recurring issues using Community Triggers and Automated Actions
  • Plethora of UX metrics providing a comprehensive view of end users’ experience
  • Built-in management tasks that can be executed simultaneously on multiple servers, hosts, computers, or users with just a few clicks
  • Extend ControlUp’s management actions with your own PowerShell, VBScript, or CMD-based scripts, or download one of hundreds of scripts from our script library
  • Edit the Windows registry using the ControlUp Registry Controller, which allows you to manage multiple machine registries as if you were managing a single computer registry.
  • ControlUp’s Services Controller enables you to spot and fix Windows Services misconfigurations and irregular behavior on the fly
  • Set security policy from the ControlUp console by delegating permissions for specific areas to support staff and limiting their access to other areas


  • ControlUp provides a comprehensive platform that manages and controls virtual desktops, apps, and servers, whether the infrastructure is on-premise, hybrid cloud, or cloud-based.
  • ControlUp’s easy installation and setup, intuitive interface, and drill-down capabilities help Citrix administrators be more efficient and effective faster.
  • ControlUp’s ability to monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate all versions of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides Citrix administrators with a streamlined management experience, even when the environment includes multiple farms or multiple versions of Virtual Apps and/or Desktops.
  • ControlUp allows Citrix administrators to efficiently and easily “dig into” their infrastructure, find the root cause of an issue, and solve the issue, without ever leaving the console, so users stay productive.
  • ControlUp updates its console every three seconds, allowing Citrix administrators to spot issues early and solve them in real-time, before those issues reduce organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • ControlUp’s automated remediation capabilities enable Citrix administrators to permanently stop recurring issues so they can focus on more strategic tasks.
  • ControlUp Insights seamlessly collects performance and usage data for Citrix environments, offers an extensive set of reports covering user activity, user experience, application usage, resource consumption (host, server and even process level), and system health and licensing.