Coservit is an innovative software vendor whose solutions enhance competitiveness by optimizing the use of IT to drive business forward.

Created in 2006, Coservit started by providing consulting services to IT companies. Then through understanding the needs of their customer across different roles and organizations, Coservit concentrated its effort around two key market sectors, Sales and Marketing & IT Service Management. Coservit solutions change the way teams work, enabling organisations to be more efficient and profitable than ever before.


  1. IT Service Management: A fully customisable IT monitoring software delivers fast and accurate insight and reporting to support proactive management and preventative maintenance of the IT environment. Coservit ServiceNav™ solution is the core of our partnership with Citrix. With ServiceNav™, the health and availability of Citrix farms can be monitored alongside all the other technology that comprises a modern enterprise IT environment, and all this disparate hardware and software can easily be incorporated in ongoing “business-oriented” availability reporting.
  2. Sales and Marketing: Providing a smarter route to sales growth, our innovative solution, LeadSeed™, delivers better qualified new business opportunities, strengthen customer relationships and improve sales efficiency. Both Citrix and Citrix partners can benefit from LeadSeed™ in Marketing and Sales campaigns where solution and consultative selling makes the difference.

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