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crossbase.layout is an automated layout without design compromise.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.5


  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

crossbase.layout is the module for layout specialists and graphic designers. The layout editor allows you to define layout rules. You can generate layout templates for catalog pages, which can be structured or creatively designed, using your corporate design.

crossbase.layout is an automated layout without design compromise.


The layout assistant for master copies

The layout editor is operated in a similar way to Adobe InDesign. The basic layout module supplied contains 20 layout rules. A layout template can be used for any number of pages with the same structure. To minimize the number of layout templates, there are layout rules for displacement and line break control.

  • A layout template consists of layout areas linked to images, tables and text from the database. A layout area may be displaced by one or more other areas. At the same time, one area may also displace several others. The interdependencies are shown clearly and visually in the layout editor, allowing the user to manage even complex relationships.
  • A layout area can be assigned a rule that defines how images, tables and text are laid out. A layout rule might for example read: "Position product photos in this layout area from left to right, leaving a gap of 15 mm, and position the images vertically on a column grid. If there are captions, position these at the bottom left-hand corner of the image with a gap of 10 mm."
  • Automatic placement following a layout template generates an InDesign page document. Images, tables and text can be moved, enlarged or modified later, or the user can process them in InDesign and then save the changes. This approach meets all layout requirements even in an automated print production process.

crossbase allows printed material to be produced automatically in Adobe InDesign with three layout options that can be flexibly combined within one publication:

  • Modular: Single or double pages where a layout template is used to define the position of the elements. This variant is often used for industrial catalogs or data sheets.
  • Continuous: Chapters with a single consistent layout where the content is continuously wrapped based on a specified layout template. This layout is often used for illustrated price lists, seminar catalogs or address catalogs.
  • Creative: Single or double pages with creative layout where elements are positioned anywhere the user wants in Adobe InDesign. This layout is often used for mail-order catalogs and brochures.