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Create Office documents with images, text and tables from a central product database.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.5


  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

crossbase.office is the module for salespersons, marketing experts and product managers. By efficiently providing images, texts and tables from the database, it facilitates professional document design with Word.

Create Office documents with images, text and tables from a central product database.


Data supplier for Word and PowerPoint

crossbase.office is a self-explanatory, multi-lingual, intuitive program for company-wide read-only access to content stored in the PIM. This application can be used by sales, marketing or customer support employees to quickly and easily search for product information and insert it in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint at the touch of a button. The module can also be integrated in the item screen of the ERP system.

  • Easily insert media files, tables and text: With crossbase.office, images, text and tables can be filtered by language, selected, and pasted in Word documents or PowerPoint presentations in a uniform format. Product features are inserted in Microsoft Word in the form of a table. Related products like accessories and spare parts are also shown in tabular format.
  • Wide range of filters: You can search all images and documents by category, by keyword or with a full-text search. The required files can be sent directly by e-mail.
  • Data sheet configurator: Data sheets can be created automatically using a defined layout in PDF or Word format. To do this, simply configure product-specific Word templates, select the required products and then link the templates to the defined information types.
  • ERP link: The desktop application can be integrated in the ERP system and accessed directly from the item you are currently editing.

Search, select, insert: The search options in the product or image database/MAM include one or more navigation trees and searching by full text, category or keyword. The extended full-text search includes the content of product texts and captions. The product information for selected products from the hit list is clearly displayed under the tabs of media files, texts, attributes, relationships and views. Images and texts are inserted in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint on a language-specific basis and formatting is of the quality you would expect with Office. Product features, accessories and spare parts are output in table form. An image search displays the images found. These can also be downloaded directly or emailed as a ZIP file.

Create data sheets at the touch of a button

The data sheet module is used to flexibly configure document templates for data sheets and technical documentation and automatically generate them as Word documents including table of contents. The user creates a document template and defines headings for configuration. Each heading may contain specific content, such as a header, or product-specific data, e.g. product photos.

To create the data sheet the user selects a product and the required headings, e.g. Product description or Approvals. With another click, the data sheet is created in Microsoft DOCX format. The formatting is applied automatically from a predefined Word template via paragraph and character formats. The use of page and table layouts also makes complex layout variants possible.

For example, it is possible to specify in the template where to insert images, tables and product features. The number of images and texts and their text length may vary. The automatic production process ensures a standardized layout that is also visually attractive. Whats more, the content can be processed afterwards by sales in Word (no need for InDesign) to adapt it to a specific customer.