Crossmatch provides biometric identity management solutions. Their technologies and expertise are helping organizations of all sizes achieve new levels of efficiency, expand in new markets and find powerful new ways to protect people, property and profits. Heavy reliance on digital transactions, growing mobile workforces, global demand for e-gov services and the need for enhanced security at borders, in law enforcement and on battlefields all point to a clear need for the confidence and certainty of biometrics. Security-minded organizations in both the public and private realms understand the power and necessity of biometrics - and they are increasingly looking for an established partner to help solve this identity management challenge.

The depth of biometrics technology portfolio and the breadth of the professional services offerings allow us to find the optimal solution for customers in any market - including financial institutions, retail organizations, governments, law enforcement agencies and defense departments, as well as private enterprises of any scale. Customers turn to us for the ability to implement identity management programs that mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels.

End-users and technology partners prefer Crossmatch solutions because the design of the products and services reflects a deep understanding of the forces of change in the markets. Crossmatch focuses on biometrics-based identity solutions - it’s not just a line of business or merely part of the portfolio. Crossmatch dedicates considerable R&D resources to the development of identity management solutions and advanced biometrics capabilities. This focus allows them to innovate and bring new solutions to market with speed and agility.

Crossmatch collaborates with customers, as well as key strategic partners and integrators to solve critical business challenges. Whether to deliver their solutions directly to end-users or through technology partnerships, Crossmatch works to ensure a consistent brand experience and optimal end-user outcomes.

Founded in 1996 and privately held, Crossmatch employs more than 300 employees and serves customers in more than 80 countries. Crossmatch is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with offices worldwide.

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