AccessPatrol is a data loss prevention and USB device control software to protect sensitive data against theft to portable storage devices. Block USB devices and other peripherals to mitigate the threat of USB malware and data leakage.

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Product Details

AccessPatrol secures data against insider threats with DLP USB activity detection and USB access control

Granular control over USB devices and more
Protect sensitive data with AccessPatrol’s data leakage prevention solutions. Block or limit the use of storage devices, wireless connectivity, communication ports, imaging devices, and other peripherals. Policies can be uniquely configured for each user, endpoint, and department.

  • Easily block USBs, optical media, external hard drives, SD cards, and other removable media
  • Disable wireless connections through Bluetooth, infrared, and Wifi
  • Block employees from using scanners, printers, and cameras to steal sensitive data

Monitor USB activity for suspicious and high-risk behavior
AccessPatrol’s data loss prevention features include a USB activity monitor for increased visibility into high-risk data transfers.

  • Receive instant email alerts when employees violate your endpoint security policy by using unauthorized USB devices or transferring sensitive files
  • Audit file operations reports to see files that have been copied, created, deleted, or renamed on removable media devices
  • Review USB activity logs to trace data breaches back to their source

Prevent the use of unauthorized portable storage hardware
AccessPatrol’s DLP USB solutions give you the device control features you need to enforce and manage your endpoint security policies.

  • Effortlessly block all peripheral devices that fall outside of your allowed devices lists
  • Exempt USB devices used by tech support and other trusted users
  • Temporarily grant time-limited access to blocked devices using the Access Code Generator


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  • Block USB
    One click to block USB portable storage devices 
  • Peripheral Control
    Easily block DVDs, iPods, external hard drives and more
  • Device Permissions
    Set full access, read only or no access on storage devices
  • Allowed List
    Allow specific storage devices to be used on your network
  • USB Activity Reports
    Report on devices accessed or blocked on your network
  • Log USB File Transfer
    Monitor files that are copied to USB storage devices
  • Access Code Generator
    Provide end users with temporary access to their devices
  • Email Alerts
    Get alerts of unauthorized file transfers and device use
  • Email Reports
    Schedule device reports directly to your administrator's inbox
  • Block Phones
    Prevent users from connecting phones to company computers
  • Block File Transfers
    Prevent restricted files from being transferred to portable storage
  • Stealth Mode
    AccessPatrol can run silently in the background or alert users 
  • Central Web Console
    Access the administrative console from a web browser on any computer in your network
  • Remote Client Install
    Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely to all of your company computers
  • Offsite Management
    Extend onsite policies to endpoint devices running outside the corporate network
  • SQL Server Supported
    The included SQL database is scalable for enterprise and large business operations