Cybernetics' iSAN® 2000 Series iSCSI SAN storage solutions deliver up to 24 disk bays of SAN storage in a compact enclosure with your choice of SATA, SAS, or SSD disk drives.

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Product Details

iSAN® 2000 Series provides true block level performance to servers and workstations through a powerful and intuitive management interface accessible via web browser. Easy to use features, give it total control of the storage operation, including status notifications, visually and to email or mobile device.

iSAN® 2000 Series SAN storage delivers transfer rates of up to 500 MB/s and performance up to 200,000 IOPS. It is completely self-protecting, providing layers of data protection - all without third party software. Snapshot backup, portable disk backup, tape backup, and encrypted, deduplicated WAN replication are all included at the disk storage level.

For high availability, dual units can be mirrored with automatic failover. iSAN® 2000 Series is expandable, making it an ideal choice of SAN storage for the small to mid-sized business with growing storage requirements. With all the cost benefits of virtualization and Cybernetics, a fully redundant SAN network storage solution with no single point of failure is within reach of most organizations.




Live Network Storage

  • iSCSI SAN – The most efficient kind of storage: block level SAN network storage.
  • Fast transfer rates – Up to 500 MB/s.
  • Exceptional performance – up to 200,000 IOPS.
  • Scalable – Supports up to 5 units in a single SAN.
  • Dynamic Storage Provisioning – Expand space instantly for more recovery points.
  • Connectivity – Five (5) GbE ports
  • Compatible – Windows, Linux, Unix, Netware Applications, Virtual Machines, OS X, Hyper V, Virtual Iron, XEN, SQL, Exchange, Oracle and more.

Layered Data Protection

  • Snapshots Backup – Mountable points for recovery or rollback.
  • Disk Backup – Create mountable disk volumes on portable disks.
  • Tape Backup – Fast image backup to tape without backup software.
  • WAN Replication – Automated, deduplicated, and encrypted site-to-site replication, per volume. Multi-site replication available.
  • High Availability – Hardware level mirroring and automatic failover.

Long-Term Archive

  • Integrated – Backup without a backup server or backup software.
  • Serverless – Backup traffic never consumes any network bandwidth.
  • Portable Disk – Backup to standard USB and eSATA removable disk.
  • Removeable Tape – Durable, 20 Year, point-in-time data archives.