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miSAN-D Series

By Cybernetics

This product is compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2
  • XenServer 6.1

Product Details

Powered by Cybernetics’ exclusive SANDR Technology, the miSAN® D Series iSCSI SAN delivers vastly greater performance and data protection than has ever been available in an entry-level SAN solution. With miSAN® D Series and SANDR, you get up to 12 TB of block-level storage per module and over 500 MB/s performance – along with protection from every threat to data. It’s live, primary storage, with layers of data protection for backups, disaster recovery, and archival storage in one - and because data protection is accomplished at the disk level, there is no need for a backup server or third party backup software.

With both SCSI and iSCSI connectivity for 3U models, the miSAN® D Series is compatible with any server, whether or not the server supports iSCSI and whether or not the servers are virtualized. Distributed DAS can be completely eliminated since servers can boot from the miSAN® via iSCSI and SCSI. It’s iSCSI storage that's truly in a class by itself. The miSAN® D Series is also available with miNAS, an optional 1U Windows file server that provides support for Windows Active Directory, DFS, CIFS, and NFS for the benefits of SAN and NAS in one solution.


Live Storage for High Availability

  • iSCSI SAN is the most efficient kind of storage - block level SAN storage.
  • High performance - Over 500MB/s throughput.
  • Reliable - RAID 5 + Hot Spare and all units include a free cold spare disk.
  • Highly available - Hardware level mirroring with automatic fail-over.
  • Compatible - Windows, Linux, Unix, Netware, Databases, Virtual Machines.

Layers of Data Protection

  • Snapshots - iSCSI SAN RAID creates its own time-stamped mount points.
  • Rollback - In an instant, roll back to any snapshot mount point.
  • Remote - Synchronized units transport changed blocks via WAN.
  • Recovery - Access any mount point for reporting, backup or restore.

Archival for Disaster Recovery

  • Integrated - Backup direct to dedicated tape device without third party software.
  • Serverless - Backup is initiated from the miSAN® without a backup server.
  • Image backup - Bare metal disaster recovery any time, anywhere.
  • Durable - transportable tapes protect data archives for decades to come.

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