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Cybertrust DeviceID

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Cybertrust device ID offers device authentication certificate issued Management Service.

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Compatible with

  • NetScaler 10.0 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.0 VPX
  • NetScaler 10.1 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.1 VPX
  • NetScaler 10.5 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.5 VPX


  • Citrix ADC (NetScaler ADC)

Product Details

Cybertrust device ID, RA for organizations and companies is operated in accordance with the device ID Cybertrust Certification Practice Rules, used for terminal authentication: hosting is available in the administrator interface for a Web-based (Registration Authority Registration Authority) and. In RA, functions necessary to perform the life cycle management of the device certificate revocation application and request for issuance, and to check the status of the device certificate is provided.

In addition, its operational management in cyber trust electronic authentication center, which has a high level of security, cyber trust device ID certificate authority, supports the realization of a safe and secure network access for the environment.


  • Support to a wide range of terminal
  • Realization of the terminal authentication is controlled
  • Load reduction of administrator-user
  • Interoperability and high safety
  • Smooth implementation of short-term and high cost performance