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TruBot - Datamatics

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TruBot is an enterprise grade, multi-skilled bot programmed to enhance your enterprise’s productivity. It automates a range of simple as well as complex processes. With TruBot anybody, even a business user with absolutely no programming knowledge, can design bots with click of a button. Whether you have just started your robotic process automation journey or planning to scale up your automation program, now you can just sit back, relax and take complete control of your RPA program centrally. TruBot also comes with an intelligent data capture solution, TruCap+. It has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) & fuzzy logic and captures meaningful data from unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy. In addition with TruBot Neuro, your digital workforce gets reasoning capabilities. Integration of cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning enables your bot workforce to handle complex transactions which are generally reliant on human expertise and intervention.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 7.15 LTSR
  • XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

Datamatics TruBot is a versatile, multi-skilled bot that automates a range of repetitive and rule-based processes without any manual intervention. TruBot has 100+ customers globally and has automated more than 1000+ processes across multiple industries.

  • TruBot Designer - With TruBot Designer, anybody can design bots. Business users who do not have any programming knowledge, can design the bot at click of the button!
  • TruBot Cockpit - Take complete control of your RPA program with TruBot Cockpit. You can now centrally manage and monitor your entire bot workforce deployed across the enterprise.
  • TruCap+ - Intelligent data capture solution with integrated AI & fuzzy logic.
  • TruBot Neuro - Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence platform for pattern detection, text and data mining.
  • TruBot Analytics - Go beyond automation. Get actionable intelligence from your RPA data.


  • Intelligent Data Capture - TruCap+, proprietary Intelligent Data Capture engine with integrated AI & fuzzy logic. Captures meaningful data from unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy.
  • Low Code Development With 200+ Components - Rapid development with easy navigation of complex processes with visual designing and workflow with TruBot Designer
  • Full Control Of RPA Program - Manage, control and monitor your entire RPA program centrally with TruBot Cockpit.
  • Full Featured AI Platform, TruAI - Well integrated with Datamatics Artificial Intelligence platform, TruAI. Independent of third party platforms.
  • Cognitive Support - Integrates with Datamatics AI platform- TruAI, Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing, pattern detection use cases; Chatbot scenarios
  • Enterprise Grade Security - Major source of fraud averted by segregation designers (TruBot Designer) and executors (TruBot Cockpit). Credential vault for heightened security