Deep Instinct Endpoint Protection

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  • down-arrow Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
    7.15 LTSR
  • down-arrow Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)
    7.15 LTSR
  • down-arrow Citrix Endpoint Management (XenMobile)

Product Details

Deep Instinct Harnesses the power of deep learning, and is revolutionizing cyber security with a predictive ability to prevent, detect and respond to any threat - known and unknown - protecting any device type, with any OS, against any file-based or file-less attack.

As a result, zero-day attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are detected and prevented in the real time with enhanced accuracy.

Deep Instinct brings the focus back to prevention from crisis management, which takes place once an attack has occurred and the damage is done:

  • Real-time omni-cyber protection - of any device, mobile, endpoint, or server; with any OS (iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android); against any file-based or file-less attack, in both online and offline, connectionless mode.
  • End-to-end protection - with real-time pre- execution malware prevention, detection-and-response.
  • Deep learning, deeper understanding - autonomous analysis and classification of unknown threats with unique deep learning malware classification without any human involvement.
  • Ultra-flexible, super-friendly - user and admin friendly, either as cloud-native by design or on-premise.
  • Plays well with others - enables an augmentation approach to enhance existing AV suites.
  • Lightweight - Low memory footprint (<100MB), requires less than 1% CPU usage.