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DEPO Storm 4355

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A highly reliable fault-tolerant enterprise-level four-socket server based on AMD Opteron™ processors is designed to ensure the smooth operation of corporate databases, heavily Internet / intranet applications and web sites, high performance computing, requiring a large amount of memory.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.1


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

DEPO Storm 4355 series is optimized for the latest AMD Opteron™ 6000 series processors. Optimized for 16/12/8/4-Core AMD Opteron™ 6000 Series processors (Socket G34) and based on the new AMD SR5690 / SP5100 chipset, these solutions boost I/O performance with PCI-Express 2.0 to double throughput, increase performance and reduce power with DDR3 memory, and also reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with high levels of integration and energy-efficient components.

The AMD SR5690 / SP5100 chipset-based Socket G34 Platform supports 4-way processor AMD-based solutions. Additional platform advantages include AMDs multi-core technology and Direct Connect Architecture, enabling superior overall system performance and efficiency to address compute-intensive demands. DEPO Storm 4355 is ideal solution for enterprise level systems a