ProDictate is a web-based solution for dictation in homogeneous Windows environments and is entirely based upon Microsoft®'s .NET technology.

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Product Details

ProDictate is Pure Windows Technology

ProDictate is a web-based solution for dictation in homogeneous Windows environments and is entirely based upon Microsoft®s .NET technology. All ProDictate applications are provided with a uniform Internet Explorer user interface. Maximum flexibility concerning voice input is ensured: You are able to dictate via telephone or digitally with the stationary device or with a Smartphone. Completed dictations are sent to the transcriptionists by a single push of a button, i.e. automatically.

Devacon’s ProDictate under Citrix Environment

Devacon’s primary goal is to continue producing software solutions that empower both individual consumers and businesses across the globe to overcome technical barriers. Whether you are a lawyer, an SME or a multinational corporation, there is an ever-increasing need for reliable software and technology in the workplace to help save time and make work more fluid and stress-free. Devacon has met these goals by introducing ProDictate, a professional web based dictation and speech recognition software that runs on the Citrix Terminal Server.

This client-server architecture solution supports the transcription, correction, and translation of the user’s dictation and can be done through Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, and the Internet. With Internet Explorer as the user front-end, and by supporting PCs and thin clients running Windows or Linux OS, the software can be run regardless of location with no client installation required. The implementation of this web based ProDictate technology in the Citrix environment, in particular, is dedicated to making the process of documentation more efficient and productive. Not only does it enable people to reduce the drag on their daily schedules by removing the need to manually type out their notes at a PC, it also optimises user management through enhanced centralisation of IT administration via Active Directory integration. Hundreds of employees will be able to quickly access the ProDictate system and rapidly increase their output.

Users will be able to dictate simultaneously from anywhere within the Citrix network and, thanks to the pool script management concept, they can work with the customer to prioritise documents and to choose whether to automatically delegate the dictation to a secretary or transcriptionist. Communications are transmitted via HTTP/HTTPS protocols. The modular system provides extra options for personalisation according to customer requirements, including features specifically designed to accommodate large-scale operations in legal, financial and government organisations, as well as hospitals. Additionally, ProDictate’s finely tuned audio processing virtual channel solution enables the recording and playback of high quality audio on each Citrix client. The client is therefore independent of the integrated Citrix audio option and high quality audio is guaranteed through the virtual channel.

Moreover, Devacon developers have paid special attention to security issues. By centralising data delivery and applications and by not storing any files locally, Citrix and the speech recognition software are able to facilitate a very high security level - and thus dramatically improve the protection of client data, which will still require appropriate access rights. ProDictate is protected against instabilities and loss of network connection. With all updates and upgrades being centralised, the central IT administration allows no end-user involvement in the updating or management of the system.


ProDictate User Applications

Through its web-based application, ProDictate offers a user-defined dictation overview for dictators and transcriptionists.

ProDictate runs on Citrix Xenn APP

Dictations and corresponding user informations are visible in a list, which means a great help in finding an individual dictation quickly. The graphical display can be chosen to be default or user-defined. By deployment of ProDictate in a Citrix Xen APP or Xen Desktop environment all applications of a digital dictation system are made available centrally. Thus IT administration and system configuration are being simplified.

User administration with Active-Directory

User administration is accomplished by the Active-Directory-Server. No additional user administration and thus no further account administration is required.

Utilization of Locally Available Hardware Resources

ProDictate can be installed on your locally available server hardware or on a virtual server running Microsoft® Windows® Server 2000/2003/2008.

Simple ProDictate Installation and Administration

The network installation mode with its graphical user interface provides plenty of configurational options. The system administrator does not have to install and configure the software on every single users workstation.

ProDictate Analysis Tool

Provision and analysis of the ProDictate applications and several reports enables system administrators to fix installation- and configuration-problems easier. In addition to a report summary, detailed informations for error- and problem-recognition, as well as problem-solving suggestions are offered.