Share encryption for confidentiality and security to fit data protection laws and standards.

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Product Details

HiCrypt™ encrypts data on network drives, thereby allowing common access to encrypted files and folders. No matter where you store your documents: whether at home, on a company network or even on your online storage drive in the Cloud, with HiCrypt™ you hold the key to secure  your data right in your hand.

HiCrypt™ is an easy to install and simple to use encoding solution for every software Made in Germany without any backdoor. A digital vault with an exclusive key ownership. Private parties, companies and government authorities can save their data on the network and in the cloud (datacenter) safely and confidentially.

HiCrypt™ connects the classical server and personal computer world with modern, often cloud-based mobile world in a unique process. It takes into account the applicable data protection laws in Europe and protects responsible parties from violating applicable laws. The new digital worlds have silently led to fundamental changes and transformed many things that were tangible to date into virtual data. Cashless payments has now become common practice, stocks are held in online depots, correspondence is via email, files and drawings have already being stored as files for a long time. The treasures of humanity, the core competences of the companies and all of the knowledge are stored on hard drives, USB sticks, on network drives and recently in datacenters, on Dropbox or in the cloud. But most of this digital data is still saved without encoding. Often, only personal computers are protected from attacks by easily surmountable password protection and all of this in a networked world with billions of users. This is exactly where HiCrypt™ offers protection. The software solution makes the modern world secure. With HiCrypt™ it gives back the key ownership to the customer, the user of the datacenter. Only the user can manage the software every time with his own key. The software works close with the hardware, virtually at the machine level. A manipulation by external forces is not possible.


  • Encryption service
  • Experience in the domain of network encryption
  • No additional infrastructure needed
  • IT-administration provides IT-infrastructure, but is not responsible for key distribution
  • Mobile access
  • Access for multiple persons
  • Intuitive and easy to understand
  • Protects your feelings and values
  • Guarantees exclusive ownership of your encryption key
  • Shared access
  • Disaster recovery


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