Dolbey Systems

Dolbey & Company began developing its own medical transcription and document management software, laying the groundwork for robust suite of Fusion Text® and Fusion Speech®, powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™, transcription and speech recognition products and modules. In 1994 Dolbey Systems, Inc., was formed and became a close partner, concentrating on dictation systems. Dolbey Systems’ Fusion Voice® has become an integral part of our Fusion suite of products.

Together, the Dolbey companies (collectively referred to on this web site as “Dolbey”) have built an integrated solution for dictation, transcription, speech recognition and computer-assisted coding. Their voice and text solutions focus on providing solutions that assist in managing the collaborative workflow process and are sold in many vertical markets including healthcare, legal, financial services, manufacturing, public safety and contact centers. Dolbey has over 3,500 accounts and over 40 authorized sales, service and support centers nationwide to help serve customers.

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