SuperNova Enterprise delivers proven IT accessibility to visually impaired computer users.

Be confident of meeting your accessibility requirements. SuperNova is the only Citrix-Ready solution to support users with sight loss by providing high contrast colour schemes, clear magnification and accurate screen reading to Windows applications. Designed to simplify deployment and management in professional multi-user environments, SuperNova is proven in government, banking, education and finance and available in 20 languages.

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Product Details

Single, certified solution with flexible licensing

  • Compatible with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • One step unlock and activation for all workstations
  • Fully configurable by user or admin for all levels of sight loss
  • Flexible licensing based on number of users, not servers or workstations
  • Suitable for multiple offices and work from home
  • Annual software maintenance agreement available
  • Scripting can extend support to proprietary applications (on request)
  • Industry-leading touch screen and Kiosk support (magnification only)
  • SAP Certified & Citrix Ready


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  • Zoom levels up to x64
  • Smooth, clear text and mouse pointers at any size (no pixelation)
  • Bold fonts, high contrast & image sharpening for improved text legibility 
  • Includes OCR (scanning) for reading paper documents & image PDFs
  • Intuitive touch screen support
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Read aloud emails, documents, applications and web pages with natural sounding speech
  • Full keyboard navigation 
  • Supports refreshable braille displays
  • Full list of user features, videos & tutorials available online


Our software is trusted by IT administrators in finance, banking, education, government & security to deliver the highest levels of reliability and accessibility, across a range of Windows devices from tablets to servers. UK-based, with over 30 years of experience and a worldwide network of authorised and specialist distributors, we are the accessibility experts to have in your corner.

Client Testimonial

We chose SuperNova as we were moving our head office users onto a dedicated Citrix Desktop environment. This meant that we needed to find a provider that officially supported this environment. Dolphin were the only company to do this. Overall, our outcome has been successful. Though this hasn’t come without challenges. However, once we upgraded our environment and sought additional support from [Dolphin] - we managed to get a setup that’s been working very successfully. This has been particularly useful during COVID-19 as with our Citrix Desktop environment (i.e. they can work from anywhere) and together with SuperNova… this has meant that we have kept business continuity and not had to put in any additional infrastructure or adjustments during this time.

Jared, Digital Accessibility Lead, Large employer (UK), Banking sector