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Complete resource management solution for telecom networks providing physical & logical inventory & GIS integrated in one solution.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 7.5


  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

ConnectMaster is a software solution for the planning, management and documentation of telecommunication networks and associated infrastructure.

The solution supports the planning and operation of all kind of telecom networks either for communication service providers (telco carrier) or infrastructure service providers (utilities).

Main benefits of the solution are:

  • Centralise the recording of all parts of the network (central source of all network infrastructure & services data)
  • Ease of access of Network information related to services
  • Intelligently manage network resources ( e.g. LCM )
  • Supports to improve data quality and standardise workflow
  • Help to avoid typical constraints often discovered during, and therefore delaying the process, such as Network Capacity or Incorrect Records
  • Complete and accurate End-to-End View of Network Services
  • Perform daily network operational tasks faster and more efficiently
  • Reduced Service delivery lead times
  • Faster identification of faults and services/customers affected by faults
  • Automatically inform affected customers via Email
  • Align Logical and Physical network data in one central source
  • Manage and reduce catastrophic network outages by identifying and reducing Single Points of Failure


The major benefit of ConnectMaster® is its seamlessly integrated solution for both:

Physical Network Resource Management ‐ location‐related inventory management, fibre and copper‐cable management, physical connectivity management, patch‐panel and cabinet management, customer & services management, etc.,

Logical Network Resource Management ‐ trail and logical link‐management for PDH, SDH, xWDM and Ethernet  in both fixed and wireless scenarios, cross‐connect handling, workflow and provisioning support.