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Electronic signatures are legally binding in Europe and nearly 100 countries around the world: Contracts and agreements, informed consents, and lots of kinds of documents can be signed legally., since 2003, designs and develops signature solutions for eDoc.

digital handwritten signature is an advanced electronic signature which are based on biometrical data. edatalia's technology satisfies the quality requirements of the European Directive. This Directive states that e-signature satisfies the legal requirements of a signature in relation to data in electronic form in the same manner as a handwritten signature satisfies those requirements in relation to paper-based data; and are admissible as evidence in legal proceedings. Electronic signatures play an important role in international business and commerce. Worldwide, companies of all sizes rely on e-signature technology. That's why Lawmakers in so many countries have made it a priority to enact national e-signature legislation.

Across the globe, more and more countries have established their own laws and standards regarding electronic signatures and digital transactions. However, this growth is only beginning. The number of countries that have some form of legislation regarding e-signatures is continuing to grow every year.

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