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Product Details

edgeRPA delivers business value for you by firstly visualizing your required data sources and then securely integrating your best of breed tools at the web layer to give you the desired single point of control. You now have complete access to your data and tools needed to deploy intelligent workflows for your critical business & IT processes using our breakthrough automation capabilities, including:

  • Agentless task automation (No browser plugins required)
  • Code-free script recording
  • Event driven script playback (Right-click actions)
  • OCR Image recognition
  • Exception handling
  • Secure script storage
  • Script execution progress report
  • Seamless VDI integration (inc Citrix XenDesktop)

BPO’s and large enterprises like yours are actively looking at implementing new innovative operating models surrounding intelligent automation to improve workflow efficiencies that reduces risk and improves customer experience that positively impacts top line revenues and optimizes bottom line “run” costs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has long been used as a way to automate repetitive time-consuming tasks, but many manual activities and job tasks still exist that can be automated or improved. Existing costly RPA tools in the market today have limitations and features that go unused, resulting in shelf-ware.

At Edge, they believe a more pragmatic approach is needed to meet your ongoing business needs and reduce the proliferation of point tools in use today with a single point of control. Our answer to these emerging needs is edgeRPA as part a journey to what we call “Intelligent Workflow Automation”.


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