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iPrism Web Security

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iPrism Web Security secures organizations from Internet-based threats such as malware, spyware, IM, P2P, and inappropriate content, at the perimeter, helping enforce acceptable use and security policies. iPrism also helps to prevent security breaches and productivity loss.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.0


  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

iPrism Web Security can easily be deployed with the highest performance Web application solution from Citrix Systems, Citrix Virtual Apps, formerly XenApp. Unlike other Web filtering solutions, iPrisms unique approach solves the most critical issue for Citrix users – it dramatically simplifies and consistently provides Web policy and security enforcement with reporting capabilities at the enduser level in a Citrix Virtual Apps environment.

Organizations using Citrix know that filtering and reporting can be a significant challenge, not only to the productivity of users and the security of workstations, but it can also place an additional strain on IT personnel and resources. With iPrism Web Security, organizations operating in a Citrix environment can effectively enforce policy and achieve compliance regarding Internet access, without negatively impacting IT, users or the bottom line.

Web Security for your Citrix environment

Combining the security of high-performance hardware and the flexibility and scalability of feature-rich, application software plus hardened Operating System, iPrism Web Security secures organizations from Internet-based threats such as malware, spyware, IM, P2P, and inappropriate content, at the perimeter, helping enforce acceptable use and security policies.

The powerful iPrism h-Series is a line of high-performance appliances designed to enhance iPrism Web Security capabilities. The compact, h-Series appliances are compatible with all supported versions of iPrism operating software and come in models to suit the requirements of any size organization. EdgeWaves complete line of iPrism hardware models offer the ease-of-use and low-maintenance technology that busy IT personnel require when it comes to maintaining Web security.

The iPrism Advantage

iPrism Web Security offers the ability to manage users Web usage/security policy in a single appliance so policy remains consistent across the entire organization regardless of where the applications are run. By allowing administrators to define the Citrix systems on the iPrism and use "Session Based" authentication, the Citrix users have the same "Auto Login" features available as any desktop user. This results in consistent application of policy and reporting at the individual user level.

With iPrism Web Security, all Citrix related issues in content filtering are avoided, creating a seamless integration to the Citrix and Active Directory environments.

iPrism Web Security also offers the following additional advantages in a Citrix environment:

  • iPrisms unique "session based" authentication technology allows you to use Auto-login and greatly simplify the authentication process
  • iPrism technology allows Citrix users to easily apply unique policies to individual users and document their activity
  • This authentication feature is enabled without installing any software on the Citrix or AD servers
  • The iPrism technology ensures consistent policy application whether Citrix users are Web surfing from their desktop or via Citrix systems
  • If administrators require more aggressive security because of the shared nature of terminal server clients, they can easily configure iPrism to require manual authentication.


  • Web filtering appliance thats been certified Citrix Ready and works seamlessly with Citrix Virtual Apps, formerly known as Citrix Presentation Server
  • iPrism gives organizations the flexibility to deploy in transparent bridge mode, proxy mode, or both simultaneously, allowing integration with virtually any network environment. This allows iPrism to consistently apply access policy across the entire organization whether users are desktop, laptop or Citrix based.
  • iPrisms proprietary Kernel Level Filtering technology delivers enhanced throughput without increased latency. Users get the speed of pass-by technology with the accuracy and control of pass-through
  • Includes robust antivirus protection that combines with the powerful, proprietary iGuard database to provide multi-layered protection from malware/viruses, spyware and phishing – perimeter defense not found in any other solutions.
  • iPrisms exclusive iGuard 100% human-reviewed database uses best-of-breed URL classification to give you the most accurate filtering solution in the industry. Now with 80 categories containing millions of sites, iPrism allows you to easily customize your filtering to fit the exact requirements of your acceptable use policy. Your subscription includes automatic, daily database updates, with the crucial security category, covering spyware, malware and phishing sites, updated hourly.
  • iPrisms secure connections and hardened OS make it impervious to external threats and security breaches. In addition, even internal corruption due to power loss or disconnect arent a problem for iPrism because its been optimized for uptime and rapid reboot.
  • Simplifies installation and configuration with its directory integration features. Enjoy easy and seamless integration with NDS, Active Directory and OSX Server Open Directory, which minimizes iPrisms impact on IT resources.
  • iPrisms proprietary technology delivers Web security to mobile/remote users without using VPN tunnels, DMZ proxies or PAC files, making deployment simple.
  • By partnering with botnet experts at ThreatSTOP, iPrism also protects organizations from bot-related malware infections sending out confidential data or conducting malicious activities leveraging the organizations assets, and identifies the compromised workstations for remediation.
  • EdgeWaves automated, cloud-based research lab enables iPrism to defend against tech-savvy end users attempting to use client-side applications (i.e. UltraSurf, Tor) to circumvent network security.
  • iPrism integrates video training directly into the user interface, for increased user efficiency and accelerated management comprehension.
  • iPrism includes comprehensive on-box reporting that requires no additional hardware or software. A variety of report templates are available and reports can be scheduled by day week or month and can run in the background - allowing other projects to be addressed while reports are automatically generated. Additionally, the Managed Enterprise Reporting Service takes advantage of the scalability of our on-demand services to provide multi-box reporting.
  • iPrism is a self-contained solution requiring no additional hardware or software. Easy to install, configure and administer, it operates virtually maintenance free - a true savings for any organizations IT staff and budget. iPrism and all its features are available for one all-inclusive price, no additional charge for antivirus nor for categories such as spyware, P2P and anonymizers. From initial acquisition through maintenance and renewal, iPrism delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market.