Envision Information Technologies

Envision is a group of curious and compassionate people growing a soulful company. The company operates as a conscious business and Envisioners are passionate about our purpose: enriching the lives of our stakeholders. Our business is technology optimization for organizations throughout the U.S. Envision ensures that technology is enabler to employee engagement and business success rather than an obstacle.

These days more than ever, technology is increasingly pervasive and employee engagement is a shared objective of professionals and their employers. Workers want to meaningfully contribute to the business, and leaders need them to do so. Technology that securely delivers a simplified yet enriched experience to workers anywhere, anytime, and from any device is the underpinning to successful flexible workstyles – which is our normal for the foreseeable future. Adding-in automation that optimizes workflow and efficiency so people can focus on high-value efforts results in an even bigger win/win for an organization’s business and their workforce.

Citrix and Microsoft lead the industry with awesome platforms for today’s world of remote work. Envision is the partner optimizing these platforms in the field and for our clients. 

Envision is a cloud-first Citrix Platinum Plus Partner and maintains the highest level of certifications across the entire Citrix portfolio including:

  • Platinum Workspace Specialist
  • Platinum Application Delivery and Security Specialist
  • Platinum Plus Solution Advisor
  • Citrix Service Provider
  • Citrix Ready Partner (Microapps Specialist)

Citrix has honored Envision as “best of the best” in engineering and customer satisfaction, a finalist for the global Innovation Award, and Partner of the Year. As a Microsoft partner, Envisioners are experts with M365 and Azure.

Envision’s in-house development team design and build applications from the ground-up, customize existing applications, build middleware to enable integration among applications, and maintain applications to promote performance, availability, and security. In working with clients across several industries, the Envision team brings valuable HIPAA and PCI expertise. The team’s experience spans several development languages and frameworks, databases, Cloud platforms and Dev Ops containers.

Envision as a Service (EaaS) is our managed service offering that combines enterprise-class tools and the best-of-the-best human experts. Envision’s approach to managed services considers clients that want to fully outsource IT as well as organizations that have reliable IT staff and want to simply complement their in-house expertise and toolsets. EaaS ensures technology optimally supports people to thrive and drive business success. 

Experience how Envision can for your stakeholders.

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