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Product Details

ProCall 6 Enterprise - Unified Communications & CTI Software Suite.

With ProCall Enterprise, companies are able to improve their communications and collaboration internally, as well as across company boundaries with partners, suppliers and customers. This makes employees’ day-to-day work more efficient and improves customer satisfaction. ProCall Enterprise can be platform-independent and device-spanning, and provides native clients for macOS, iOS and Android.

Softphone Functions (SIP)
With the integrated compatible SIP softphone, you can make VoIP phone calls from your Windows workstation or from your smartphone-app with external and internal participants, whether you're in your company or on the road. The softphone functions (SIP) are available for selected telephone systems and are being continuously developed further.

Contact Portal/Multimedia Business Card – Uncomplicated Customer Advice
With text and audio/video chats, companies can offer their customers personal, direct communication via the company's website. Be it as a contact portal, in which selected employees are made visible "externally" or by attaching a multimedia business card with audio/video chat option via an e-mail link. This allows website visitors to get uncomplicated advice before buying or to arrange a video consulting appointment without great effort.

Integration with Bluetooth

Thanks to an integration with Bluetooth, you can, of course, also use the full CTI functionality of ProCall Enterprise to control your smartphone.
Accept/Hang Up – As simple as in a car.
Once linked, the transition from mobile application to fixed workstation is seamless and you can manage your entire communication with just one application on your PC.


  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
    CTI simplifies your day-to-day work steps and reduces sources of error. The telephone is controlled by the PC.
  • Softphone Functions (SIP)
    The integrated SIP compatible softphone allows employees to talk directly over the PC. Uncomplicated and safe, even on the move.
  • Audio/Video Communication (WebRTC)
    Based on the internet technology WebRTC (Real Time Communication), you benefit from easy face-to-face communication regardless of distance.
  • Contact Portal/Multimedia Business Card
    The company website becomes the medium of interaction for your customer. With text, audio and audio/video chats. Cloud-ready thanks to estos UCConnect.
  • Screen Sharing
    The simple screen sharing allows you to view and work on documents with your call partner.
  • Federation
    Networking via federation allows you to securely exchange information beyond your company’s borders.
  • Integration with Bluetooth
    In addition to CTI for your desktop phone, ProCall Enterprise also offers CTI functions for smartphones and Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. As simple as in a car.
  • Instant Messaging (Chat)
    Easily share text messages with colleagues or customers, or pass on important information quickly and straight away.
  • Presence Management
    View your colleagues’ availability at a glance and choose the appropriate communication method.
  • Business Process Integration (CEBP)
    Go one step further and integrate the communication functions into your company’s business processes. This creates added value.
  • Unified Messaging Integration
    Integrate Unified Messaging Services such as fax, voice mailbox, and SMS text messaging into ProCall Enterprise for additional communication functions.
  • MultiSite
    Connect different office locations to the same UCServer. Presence and contact information can be viewed across branches.
  • MultiVendor
    Integrate different telephone systems from various manufacturers into one application, whether from the cloud or on the premises.
  • MultiDevice
    MultiDevice means that ProCall Enterprise is platform-independent and device-spanning, and also offers native clients for macOS, iOS and Android.