Euronovate SA

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Lugano (CH), Euronovate SA (“Euronovate” or the “Company”) provides biometric signature solutions.

Euronovate was founded by one of the experts of digitalization in the banking industry.

Euronovate is an innovative Swiss company, with international presence, specialized in Business Digital Transformation Solutions, through unique one-stop-shop approach: digital strategy; legal support; process consulting; design, development, production of specialized hardware; design, development of proprietary software platform and e-document cloud services.

Euronovate’s main focus is to help every kind of company to go fully digital transforming their paper process (internal and external with customer and providers) into native digital process ensuring same legal validity through the most secure and better e-signature: handwritten biometric e-signature.

Eliminating paper yet from the beginning is a matter of end-to-end process. Every single step has to be completely restructured in details, adopting the law, the processes, the security measures and the technology with an innovative approach.

The benefits for customers are significant: the solutions lead to cost reductions, determined by a money-saving on paper, printing, archiving and research process streamlin and provide new marketing opportunities through a new approach to customers with the electronic signature. Euronovate assures continues innovations and improvements on Hardware and Software since the company has in-house developers and manufacturers, starting from the field of customer needs. Nowadays more than 80 countries in the world have the right legal frameworks in order to transform their business fully digital.

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